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The Darkside Dichotomy:

Unleashing Your True Power Through Pain

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Aaron Nash has seen more than his fair share of hardships. Since a near-death experience upended his life, he’s figured out the formula for turning agony into success, using pain as a catalyst to overcome what he once thought was insurmountable. In Darkside Dichotomy, Aaron pulls examples from his life, to teach you how to take your setbacks and convert them into jet fuel. As the founder and owner of Platinum Fitness, he has helped thousands of clients lose hundreds of thousands of pounds, by showing them how changing their mindset can change their entire lives. If you’re struggling with negative emotions and looking for the motivation to move beyond your limitations, this book will show you step-by-step how to break through your personal barriers and live the life of your dreams… All by tapping into the negative energy we so often deny ourselves and eliminating shame.Without darkness, we could not see the light. The Darkside Dichotomy is not your father's motivational book. It was written to fight the battles we face in the Millennium. It is not a polished update of irrelevant age-old theories; it is an immersion into the night of your soul. Step into the darkness.

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