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I have been very active my whole life. I have participated in karate, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, judo and wrestling. After graduating high school I began training Mix Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While I continued to get in better shape and improve at each individual sport, I continued to want to understand exactly HOW and WHY what I was doing improved my physical fitness.

My desire to learn led me to enroll at The Heritage Institute in Fort Myers, Florida where I received an Occupational associate for Personal Training as well as my Personal Trainer Certification through American Council on Exercise.

During my time at Heritage, while learning the reasons behind my sport training, I began to recognize and value the importance of exercise for all those that don’t participate in sports and likely never will. I learned the negative effects of exercise when done incorrectly.

After 7 years training, I’ve had the chance to work in different gyms facilities as well as with a chiropractor and rehabilitation. My passion for growth has motived me to enroll back in school to become a physical therapist.

I am AS sport science certified, Ace certified, nesta MMA coach, nutrition Coach and Rehab tech.

    • Ace Certified Personal Trainer
    • MMA Conditioning Coach
    • Nutrition Coach Nesta
    • Chiropractor Assistant
    • Rehab Teach

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