Misbah Ali

Platinum Fitness Misbah Ali

Hello everyone my name is Misbah Ali and I am a coach at Platinum Fitness.

My passion for fitness and helping others started when I was just a young teenager. It’s hard to believe that I was shy, quiet and had no self confidence, but I was always an athlete. I grew up very close with my cousins and being the only girl of 7 boys, learning how to play sports was necessary. When I entered junior high, I started playing sports on teams and began traveling for the games. I decided to really start my training to become the best athlete I could. I started hitting the gym at 14 years old and 14 years later it is still my biggest passion in life. I knew back then I wanted to help change lives and here I am today still striving everyday to make sure I do the best possible job I can to affect the people around me for a better and healthier life style.

This love of mine is the longest relationship I’ve had and it has brought so many tears of joy to see others succeed and hit their goals, I am truly blessed to call myself a Coach/Trainer.


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