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My name is Matthew Sitter and I am just one of the several experienced and knowledgeable trainers here at Platinum Fitness I have always been one from a young age to help my friends and family anyway I can. So it only makes sense to continue that part of my lifestyle here with all of you at Platinum Fitness. I grew up just outside of Cleveland Ohio in the town of Macedonia. Sports and being active has been a part of my life since I can remember. This is during the time where I would change sports with the seasons switching from baseball, basketball, martial arts, and football. From little league, to middle school, to a D1 High School called Nordonia. In high school I was named MVP in Track and Football and Second All Conference in Shot-Put my senior year. After high school I continued my football, track and educational career in attending Muskingum University.

​While at Muskingum, I triple majored in Physical Education, Health Education, and Health and Fitness. After four years of studying I graduated with a B.A. in Health. Also during my time there I was the president of my National Fraternity my senior year and held Deans list my last 3 semesters. I continued with my football career for 3 years as well as track where I received All-OAC in Javelin. Due to injuries it stopped me competing at 3 years instead of 4. From those injuries I became a student coach in javelin and shotput.

​Over the course of my lifetime in sports I have battled against countless setbacks from injuries all over my body and never just once. The struggle of getting to where you want to be and losing it, just to gain it back and lose it once again is something I know all too well. This is why and when I realized that fitness and overall wellness was so important to me as well as it should be to others. A lot of my focus with my athletic background was in Olympic lifts, power and explosiveness, and finally speed and agility. With my unfortunate past of injuries, my career choice in College came easy. I wanted to help others become strong and educated to where they could prevent injuries and not end up like me and so many other countless athletes out there.

​For the past year and a half I have worked under two different Chiropractors in the medical field doing Physical Therapy style work. I spent every day rehabilitating and educating people to help them get back to a normal life without or with minimal pain. This focus on injury prevention and technique is something I hope I can bring to all of you out there to get the most out of the Platinum Fitness experience. To have a safe and fun workout and where correct form becomes second nature so you can focus ONLY on becoming THE BEST VERSION of you that you can become with the help from myself and everyone here at the Platinum Fitness family. I am excited to start this part of my journey with all of you and look forward to personally working with each one of you very soon.


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