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I went to Palmetto high school back in Miami Florida class of 2000. I studied with the national Academy of sports medicine for both personal training and MMA conditioning specialist.

I was not always into fitness.

My life was a lot like the average person out of high school— I got a job and in my early 20s, I got married. Six years later, I was divorced and actually started to take my health seriously. At the time of my divorce, I was very overweight. I was able to lose 80 pounds, and started getting deep into the science of nutrition and studying supplements. This led to me diving further into fitness and adding muscle. I decided to start working in the health industry and loved it. A few years after breaking into this industry, I experienced a life-changing loss when my fiancée was killed. It was an extremely rough time in my life. Instead of using it as an excuse for why I couldn’t accomplish things, I made it the reason WHY I do MORE. This was with the help of my coach and mentor. She pulled me out of the house, got me back in the gym, and made me focus on where my life was headed. She created a spark in me that ended up inspiring me to listen to and read every bit of motivational material I could get my hands on. It was at this point I realized that my true calling in life was to help others with their goals of feeling better both physically and mentally. As I improved, I still felt like a victim constantly asking “why did this happen to me?”. I soon realized nothing in life happens TO you everything in life happens FOR you! It doesn’t matter how good or bad anything is, how great something feels or even how painful it can be—everything in life happens for you. The moment that you realize this is the moment that you truly start to grow as a person and all the doors of life open up for you.

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