Doug Wilson

Platinum Fitness Doug Wilson


I am Doug Wilson and I am one of the Trainers at PLATINUM FITNESS. I’m originally from Colorado but since leaving to join the U.S. Army I have lived and made friends all over the country. Now that I have parted ways with the military, my family and I have chosen South-West Florida as our home.

My background in health and fitness started by playing sports and exercising as a kid. After a hiatus from all things physical during my late teens, I re-discovered my prior abilities (and more) via enlistment in the military. During that career, in addition to my primary duties as a Communication Specialist and then Helicopter Pilot, I had been responsible for planning and leading daily physical training for fit and unfit service members. Before leaving the Army, I became certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and started training independently. I have experience participating and/or training in several disciplines, but my strengths are muscular development and cardiovascular endurance.

When I left the military I vowed that I was not going to start any career that didn’t involve the things I am passionate about – health, fitness, and helping others. Through PLATINUM FITNESS, I have now fulfilled that promise and I look forward to helping anyone and everyone achieve their goals.

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